o2 sensor on 1992 chey s-10


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o2 sensor on 1992 chey s-10

where do I find the o2 sensor on a chevy s-10 p/up w/4.3 litre engine?
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O2 Sensor Location

You should be able to see it somewhere between the exhaust manifold and the front of the catalytic converter.


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o2 sensor chevy S-10 p/up

Thank You Matt;
With your help I found and replaced the o2 sensor.
It was down by the catalitic cnvertor.
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Cool 1992 S10 p/u 4.3l

Yeah for those of you that can't find it its topside of your pipe. Easy and quick repair.. Unscrew, go topside right of your engine compartment and look for wire leading to it, pull it up, unclip it, clip the new one in... drop it back down where you found it, and screw it in.

Another quick question.. Engine is running off and making a loud vacuum sound during acceleration and is robbing alot of the power, just changed the o2 sensor out.. but truck still running off? any idea on quick fixes other than a tune up?
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not sure exactly what you mean by running off but might have the exhuast system checked for a restriction most any exhuast shop can check backpressure on your exhuast system to see if its ok a plugged exhuast usually makes an odd noise similiar to a vacum leak and the vehicle will have no power you can also just remove the o2 sensor and drive around the block to see if it runs better but it will be loud.
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Found out what it was.. my luck is it started slipping a week later.. Torque converter isn't kicking the transmission over correctly... you may be able to find this s10 in a local junkyard in an area near you!

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