Brake ?


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Brake ?

Just bought a 95 Ford F150, the brakes are real grabby what could be causing this. Thanks for the help.
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Could be alot of things.Maybe you just aren't used to Ford Truck brakes,maybe the front or rear lining is contaminated or maybe the rotors or drums are warped.You could have a bad proportioning valve.You need to describe the actual problem a little more.Some Fords I've driven have very touchy brakes compared to other manufacturers.Pulling all 4 wheels to inspect the mechanical/hydralic condition of the system would be a good idea.Also inspect the parking brake cables to insure they are not partially applied.On the rear brakes make sure both pistons move in the wheel cylinders.
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If your talking about the rear brakes locking up after being parked overnight in most cases you'll need to change the rear shoes(Ford had a technical service bulletin for this) and make sure the new shoe's edges are tapered.

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