1st time buyer of trailer for travel

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1st time buyer of trailer for travel

We are looking for a travel trailer to buy. Never had one before. So far we figured a trailer would best meet our needs. We have two kids and baby on way, an expedition SUV and husband sometimes has his two kids as well with us too. So we would prefer something roomy, maybe with pullout and sleeping for 8. We will check the max tow capacity for our vehicle, but wanted to ask anyone with experience their point of view on how big we should go. and i guess pullouts cause the weight to increase a lot is what we were told.??? Also, we are clueless about generators and gal capacity for water, etc. what other things should we be considering when shopping for a deal.?
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Id say about a 24 ft for the 7 of you with kids. As far as a generator and water . Think how you will use the trailer and where you will go most of the time with it . Why pull all this around with you and go into a trailer park that has water and power ????So think what you will need on the road first .

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Hello: 5angel5

Think ahead too. The kids will not remain small kids. If the grow up likely RV'ing and camping, they will go anywhere with or without hookups...

Water capacity is predetermined in most cases. The generator can be added later if in the present you plan on staying in the RV camping parks, etc. Hookups are available at them. Well at most and it is usally first come first served.

The Ford Expedition can tow just about any camping trailer with the right towing setup and tow package.

Go camping. Enjoy the wild and nature. Now while the kids are young and when the are growing. It's some of the best times we as a family ever had.

My kids are all grown but the memories remain. We camped and traveled yearly. With tents and or trailers. Best times we all ever had. All just memories now but never forgotten...

Good Luck and Happy Camping
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One more thought about length, if you've never pulled anything this long be prepared to learn. Twenty four feet is not especially long but depending where you travel be ready to back in and out of tight places using your mirrors and don't forget to take a wider swing when going around corners. I live near a campground and a favorite trick of the local kids is to turn a street sign so the campers go up the wrong road. Last summer I backed up 15 or 20 rigs for campers that went as far as they could and could not turn around or back out. Camping is an adventure!
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as a veteran camper...

...and a travel trailer owner, there are about a million things to consider and no doubt that after you buy one and start using it, you'll discover things that you didn't consider. so much for the reality part...

you are right about slides making trailers heavier, that's because the framing is beefier to handle the additional stress but this applies mostly to side slides.

we bought a rear slide (frontier...made by kz-rv) and by the book it sleeps 10...rv bedding works funny that way. it has quad bunks in the front which is nice for the kids to take friends and then we don't have to take the dinette down every night...it also separates them from us a little and that's agood thing. it really will sleep 8 comfortably. it's 25 ft long...weighs 4400 lbs empty and maxes out at 7000 lbs. 1000 lbs below what our tahoe is rated to tow with a towing package. you should stay under what your vehicle is rated to tow. it carries plenty of water for a long weekend self contained...but most places have decent bath facilities...frankly we stay away from real primitive places just for that reason. also consider that olod campgrounds weren't designed for the new, large RV's that are common today...so they are harder to get into with big rigs. opened up...mine needs at least 30 feet. so...think about where you might go with it...think about how the space wil be used wit the size family you have and esp with a new baby on the way. i'm not sure a porta crib would fit in ours except in front of the door...so a side slide might be the thing from that perspective. by all means...browse on the internet to get ideas and visit lots of big RV dealers to get ideas. go to an RV show...they are awesome...and i think the travel channel has a new show about RVs.

one last thing...as i can go on and on and on about camping...is to check out the manufacturer as best you can...they are rated and some are better than others, so look at trade mags and stuff like that...pm me and I can tell you more about that

best of luck...

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