1993 Chev/GMC 350 mid range power loss


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Unhappy 1993 Chev/GMC 350 mid range power loss

My old girl has given me 240,000 kms of pretty well trouble free use but has lately been lacking in mid range power. It has steadily got worse and gas mileage is down. New fuel filter, plugs, distributor cap, rotor, wires, regular injector cleaner in the tank and a good shot of throttle body cleaner ingested through the air cleaner which is also clean. Does not appear to be a fuel problem. Starts and idles smoothly. Have heard that wear at dist shaft may be possible. Can I tell by the wigglw without removing the dist. Can I replace the worn parts myself or should I get a rebuild. At any rate I have to get in there to check the module and pickup with my multi meter. Guess I should have done that when I replaced the rotor and cap. Would appreciate any other ideas or help on this as I'm not near a reputable dealership.
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350 problems

Dose it seem you have lost top end power also? One of the first things I would check would be fuel pressure. It should be about 15 lbs. The next thing I would look at would be your spark plugs, how to they look after you put some miles on them? Did you see if you could have your engine codes pulled? The next thing to look at would be the dist shaft, the way to go would be to pull it and check it and the whole assembly. With any car repair it can be simple but can get complicated in a hurry, if you are not confident and properly equipped with tools,space and time it would save time and maybe some money by having it done my a professional.
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It could possibly be a worn camshaft too. That wouldn't just affect midrange power but is an area known for wear.


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