1993 Ford F-150 acceleration problem


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1993 Ford F-150 acceleration problem

I have a 1993 Ford F-150 when I push on the gas to accelerate or even maintain speed, the truck seems to loose power and starts to shake, but stops shaking if I let up off the gas. I have changed the fuel filters and fuel pumps and no change. Any ideas?
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sounds like it may be missing suggest checking plug wires and spark plugs for starters.
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Previous suggestion is good. If that doesn't do anything, try checking to make sure you have a good ground contact from the engine to the chassis. I had some work done on my 1977 F-250 4X4 and they left off the ground cable that ran from the engine block to the firewall. Drove me nuts and took me forever to figure out! Symptoms were similar to what you've described and installing a ground cable solved the problem. Good luck. . . . ron
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shakey on the gas pedal

try getting ur fuel injectors cleaned

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