1997 F-150 engine change


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1997 F-150 engine change

I have the 97 F-150 super cab vin#2 4.2L engine (junk) the mains went out on this and I need to rebuild the engine. Question is, this particular year engine is not cheap to do anything to. Ford made a special engine that year, anywho, I want to know if I could put a different size engine in it's place and besides getting motor mounts that convert, what other problems am I going to encounter.

Thanks in advance for any and all help
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Yes, you can swap in another engine. You will have to make sure it bolts up to your transmission and if it doses not, you will need to get an adapter plate. You will need to get electronics that will work with your truck. And you will also need to make sure you will have no problems emission regulations. Chances are that it is going to turn into a very evolved process with that year and model of truck. And there are always problems that no one except people that have done the swap can warn you about.
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The 4.6 would be super tight, if it would even fit. A 5.0 from a later model truck(with Distributorless ignition) would most likely be the best bet. Is if 4x4? If so what t case? BW4406? What tranny? Most likely all the electronics you would need would be the computer, and the GEM if its 4x4. The 5.0 isn't the most powerful motor on the block, but they are reliable, and there are tons of them, and cheap parts available for them.
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Here is something easier...

Find a carburated distributer style 'older' 302, 351 winsor or something like that. Rebuilt it (if needed) fairly cheap...hell buy the whole damn car. Old thunderchicken or Cougar comes to mind. Use the mechanical fuel pump, disable the electric one you have (pull fuse/relay, cut wire, whatever) hook key on ignition wire to coil, run gas to carb, find alternator wires, and see if u can use, or just run old system (alt,voltage regulator, to starter) Depends on how far of year the parts car you use (for your parts AND simple planning the old style route) All the other wires/harnesses and crap your left over in the engine compartment with unplug or zip tie aside. (just in case you deside to convert back) just bi-pass the computer. Leave transmission hooked up to it if it has wires running to it though. Use adapter for trans if needed.
It sounds like it might be alot but it really isnt. ALOT cheaper too. You will loose your fuel economy but ITS A TRUCK!!! Give it some performance. Couple aftermarket performance items carb, coil, shift kit-if applicable (or transmission performance increase kit, whatever) The only drawback I see is your check engine light or equivalent probably will bug the heck outa ya...

I did it with a 1990 Chevy Silverado... 350 s.b.-carb, distributer, old alternator....and still the 4 wheel drive, auto lock outs (elec.), and 700r4 (some elec), work just fine. Starter and alternator hooked right to same harness. Much, Much, Much, cheaper to do but it performs better...straight exhaust too... Sorry Emissions followers. Old Engine = Old emissions for me . truck body or yr. shouldnt matter

If anyone knows of problems with this suggustion, please post it! I wouldnt want something to catch you in the middle with costly ramifications, but it should go just fine.
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