Running lights problem with 1978 Vacation Industires Motorhome


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Mike Lofgren
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Running lights problem with 1978 Vacation Industires Motorhome

Hi to anyone with information,

I have a 1978 Vacation Industries Class C motorhome with running lights that will not come on with the park and headlights. Does anyone know the circuitry for the running lights? Are they fused, do they hook-up directly to the headlight switch or is there some type of relay? Surely each running light is wired in parallel, that is to say they are not wired in series where one bad bulb would take-out all the lights.

A wiring diagram would be of great help or just info about how they are wired, or info where to conact Vacation Industires if they still exist.


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Clearance lights are most often wired to a switch separate from the headlight/park switch and always wired in parallel.
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Andy Illes
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Do you have both ground and hot wires to each light? If so, take a bulb out and with the light switch on, use a test light from ground to both leads. If both wires are "hot", your common ground is bad and if you have at least one good bulb (since they're wired in parallel) a good bulb in the circuit will feed current back to the ground wire. In that case, your park/tail/brake lights should (but not necessarily) be acting funky too. If only one wire is hot, then your ground is good and the lights should be working, unless you have all bad bulbs. If there's no current in either wire, then you have a problem in the circuit. If you do have a bad ground, just tap into any of the clearance lights' ground wires to run a wire to any good ground.. that should fix it.

In RVs, there's not usually a separate switch for running lights, they come on with the head and/or parking lights.

Good luck, Andy

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