Help! There is something from Amityville in my auto!


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Help! There is something from Amityville in my auto!

I have a 89 Toy P.U. Extra Cab. Have had it since it's birth. It is doing very funny things these days. It doesn't spew out any ectoplasmic goo, BUT it just plain has a mind of it's own when starting anymore. I've put in a new starter, battery and new cables....and still the ghost lingers and starts up whenever it feels like it (which is about 1/2 the time). Some clues of diagnosis: It won't start with a cables jump, but will bump start everytime. Also, 90% of the time this happens when the engine is hot but cooled down for 5 min's. or so, BUT occaisionally my little poltergeist likes to play with me and refuses to let the engine start when it's stone cold too!

My guess is possibly isolating that spirit down to the ignition switch because that is the only thing left I haven't replaced. Anyone have any clues or suggestions? Otherwise I am probably going to have to shoot it with my proton particle gun as I am at my wits end here!
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Im guessing the engine will not crank over when it does not start you might check the safety clutch safety switch if manual transmission as they will often cause the vehicle not to crank over or click due to not allowing enough voltage through the switch to engage starter you can temporarily bypass with a jumper next time the problem occurs to see if it is the problem.

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