Is used steering collum cause of electrical chaos??


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Post Is used steering collum cause of electrical chaos??

I recently acquired an 1989 GMC Suburban. I got it from my brother who replaced the steering collum because it was coming apart and very loose. I had just bought a 1988 Suburban for the engine and transmission and various other parts and I gave him the steering collum to use for his replacement. Well I ended buying the 89 GMC from him and learned the break lights and one blinker didnt work in the rear. I asked him and he said it had been like that ever since the steering was switched. (3 weeks) I took all the rear light assemblies apart today to view the problem. After sorting through a nightmare of hacked trailer light add on spagetti wiring and rusty wire connects, I found the blinker problem is caused because it had no bulb and I rewired, regrounded, plus checked fuses and bulbs-rewired all from the closest healthy spot in the wiring harness I could find without going all the way to fuse panel.(above the gas tank and fuel pump) The problem still persists. Well apparently upon questioning my bro again I found out the brake lights are actually 'on' and are covering for the parking lights. I can see that now because they are a lil bright. Well to make it short, I checked the wire plug-in's to the collum, fuses, scaned harness to back, and under hood, and found a plug under dash without a counter female connect visible to plug it in too, looked over old harness and it is a lil different, but not that it seems it would matter on rear lights. When I bought parts suburb. I was told after driving it home that the tail lights were also not working proper...Brake lights. I didnt see if they were stuck on or not didnt care. Ok, is it a problem with the brake petal plunger switch, steering collum ground problem maybe? And now just coming home I lost all blinker function (that might be fuse) If any one has wire diagram or chiltons diagrams for this truck or related trucks advice on where relays are or a diagram pic or maybe you have solved similar problems like this, ALL help is GREATLY appreciated. Most Chevy or GMC trucks in the yrs of 88 to somewhere in early 90's (94 i think) sould be the same. Thanks for having patience in me describing what I know so you can have the best picture of this tedious diagnosis and repair problem. (Maybe this is why I stole it from my brother for so cheap, lol)
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sounds like a mess if you still have the old column it can probably be repaired by dissasembling it and tightening the screws for the tilt and adding locktite to them to prevent them for loosening in the future.
I would suggest starting with finding out whats wrong with the brake lights first, it can be checked with a test light at the brake light switch should have power at one terminal when brakes are off and power at both terminals when brakes are applied from the brake light switch it will go to the column through the turn signal switch and back out to the lights,if it has a third brake light it will have a wire running directly from the brake switch to the third brake light. check at the connector coming from the steering column at the base of the column to see if you are getting power through the switch when the brakes are applied if you only have power going in and not out there is something wrong with the turn signal switch.
a wiring diagram would help, might try your local library or you could subscribe to all data

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