1992 Chevy 1500 Transmission question

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Question 1992 Chevy 1500 Transmission question

I just purchased this truck. It is a 5.7L V8 (350) Automatic Tran with O/drive and towing package. The guy who owned it before me got rid of it because the engine was making noise, and he thought the engine was gonna blow any day. Well, one belt and a idler pully and its good as gold, except for one thing.
When I am diving on the interstate, 65-75mph on a flat even road, with the cruse control on, the transmission feels like it shifts in and out of overdrive. I cant really feel it, but I can hear it in the engine rpm.
The truck has 175000 miles on it, so is the transmission going, or is there something I need to adjust?
When I stand on the gas, the transmission downshifts properly, and I havent noticed any slipping or anything like that, just the overdrive problem.
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you should probably take it by a transmission shop and have them test drive the vehicle as it may not be transmission related, such as an engine misfire will often feel like the transmission is shifting in and out and is commonly mistaken for a transmission problem.
if it is transmission related they would suggest what should be done to fix the problem.
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My truck is a 1999 Z-71 and is doing the same thing. I was wondering if you or anyone have found anything out of the cause or the fix for this.


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65 -75 is the mark when OD is just about to engage you may find that the diferance in weather like a headwind would try and lock in to OD at this speed if you stay just over or under this speed is everything fine?
I would go and have Truck scaned for codes and Data to be sure also check fluid condition
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Well from what I can tell, and this may not be the right answer, (or at least it is not what I was hoping to hear)
My problem is not the transmission...it is the converter
The converter locks and unlocks but I am told it was just one of the problems with my year truck.
If im pulling my trailer with it it locks and stays locked...with no load it locks and unlocks.
The only thing that can be done is a valve body modification...or some people out there make kits to let it engage eairlier, but thats all I have found out so far.

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