1979 Chevy Van 30 Fuel Filters?

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1979 Chevy Van 30 Fuel Filters?

We have a 1979 Chevy Van 30 400 V8 Motothome. When it runs it runs great, but as of late it has had some issues. It will start fine, then after idling for about ten minutes it will cut off as if it is not getting fuel. If you try to restart it immediately it will not. If you wait an extended period of time it will start again and run for ten minutes and cut off. I have had two different people tell me to two different things. 1. That it is the fuel filters (and that being that it has two filters one is usually overlooked). and 2. That it could be a bad fuel tank. Any suggestions? Also where are the two fuel filters located? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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I dont think fuel filters are the problem here but it wouldnt hurt to replace them if you havent done so lately location of filter or filters can vary alot usually there is one at the carb fuel inlet if it has a quadrajet carb you remove the fuel line and use a 1 inch wrench to remove the filter housing where a small paper filter and a spring are located there is also a plastic sealing washer on the very end of the housing that must be on ther for it to seal up. try to keep the above very clean as any dirt that may get in the housing or on the filter could lead to carb problems.
if it has a second one it will be inline on the fuelline probably under the vehicle just follow your fuel line from the carb back to the tank and see if you see one it may just be a simple plastic inline filter clamped into the fuel line or it could be a canister style that you unscrew and has a filter inside the canister it is also a good idea to loosen the gas cap as it may have some pressure built up in the tank that can cause you to lose excessive gas when replacing the inline filter if it has one.
you should see what the vehicle is losing when it dies by removing the doghouse cover and letting it run till it dies then check for spark by removing a plug wire from plug and inserting a screwdriver into the wire while holding on to the handle of the screwdriver position the shank of the screw driver about 3/8 of an inch from a good ground something metal like valve cover or exhuast manifold and crank the engine over to see if it is getting spark no spark would indicate an ignition problem likely an ignition module or pickup assembly you must do this test while the vehicle wont start.
if you have spark you can try spraying carb cleaner down the carb to see if the vehicle will start up and run for a couple of seconds if it does then you know it is a fuel problem likely a fuel pump but could be a carb related problem also.
fuel tanks dont usually go bad they can rust out and start leaking is about the only time they need replaced if they get contaminated with something they can usually be removed and cleaned out.

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