Check engine light


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Check engine light

We have a 96 Ford Explorer(V-8) with 73,000 miles. The "check engine" light has been showing and then turning off for some time. A few weeks ago, it came on and would not go off. We took it to a mechanic who checked it with a diagnostic computer. He said it was coming from the emissions systems and was either the sending unit or the sensor. He said as long as the engine was running ok that there was no need for concern. The engine runs greatand gets 20+ mpg. Any suggestions as to how to turn the light off? The mechanic reset it with his computer. He said it would probably come back on. Any help would be appreciated.
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find a different mechanic one thats willing to fix the problem not just tell you that it may be this or that until you fix whatever fault that is causing the ecm to turn on the check engine light, the light will continue to come on.
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Bejay is right. Find a different (better) mechanic who will fix the problem. In some places, the vehicle won't pass a state inspection if there is an emission problem.
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yes find a diferant thech that will explain the problem and come up with a soloution for you but on the other hand your current one could be right i have seen many fords that if thay have been filled up past the top of the tank the evaporator system gets some fuel in it and it may take some time to clear out but you should get a second opinion and remember whan the gas pump stops just round off to the nearast dollar dont over fill
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