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Bluebird School Bus

Tc 2000 5.9 Turbo Diesel Engine,can't Get It To Start Up.turns Very Slowly But Not Enough To Start.thinking It Might Be A Ground Wire. Any & All Help Would Be Greatly Appreciatiated.
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Diesel Trouble

I am not sure of the details of that model but, it is a good idea to start out by checking to see if you are getting electricy to the ignition, then check that you are getting fuel. It will narrow you search by having the trouble codes read.

Following is the procedure on Fords but with a few minor changes it is a good start any you rig.

First, open the drain on the fuel filter / separator and see if fuel and/or water comes out. Is it water, diesel or gasoline? If water or gasoline comes out, the injectors may be ruined. In that case, call for a tow and get out your wallet. If no fuel comes out, do you hear the fuel pump running when you turn the key on? If the fuel pump is running but not pumping fuel then you could be out of fuel, have a plugged fuel filter or a damaged fuel line restricting the flow of fuel.

Next, check your fuel gauge. The fuel gauge may be stuck on "Full", so to be on the safe side, just pour in that spare 5 gallon can of diesel that you carry in the tool box. Do you have diesel fuel in the tank now? If no fuel, get a tow or a ride to a fuel stop, you know what to do when you get there.

Then, if the engine won’t start when it cranks over and the tach stays at zero, the Camshaft Position Sensor (CPS) is dead (except on 2002's, where the tach is dead until the engine starts). The Powertrain Control Module (PCM) must see at least 100 RPM for the PCM to send injection signals to the Injector Driver Module (IDM). Slow cranking speed could be caused by low batteries or loose / dirty battery connections.

It could also be that the fuel injectors are not firing because the High Pressure (HP) oil system has less than 375 PSI or the pulses are not getting to the injectors. The injectors are hydraulicly operated and controlled by a signal pulse that turns them on. If the HP oil pressure is less than 375 PSI there is not enough pressure to inject the fuel.

If the HP oil system pressure doesn’t come up, the pump may be bad, out of oil, or the pressure regulator is bad. It could also be that you have 15W40 oil in a cold climate. use 10W30 in freezing temperatures to prevent this problem.

Last, if the injectors do not get the signal to fire, the PCM or the IDM may be bad or have no power. Check the PCM power fuse 30, the diode, fuse 34 and the IDM fuse 27 may be open, too. Last, the PCM power relay may be bad.


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