1992 gmc 1500 5.0L


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1992 gmc 1500 5.0L

Needing help with a starting issue.

Truck runs like a top, but has trouble starting lately. It cranks over and over... If I "play" with the throttle it will start.

I am thinking its a fuel pressure problem. However someone said it may be a "butterfly" valve. I tend to think there is no butterfly valve on a throttle body that would cause this.

Any ideas?
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it could be fuel pressure related are the injectors spraying fuel?
does it start right up if you spray some carb cleaner down the throttlebody first?
what about cycling the key several times by turning it on for a second and then shut it off for about 10 seconds then turn it back on then try starting does it start up more normal?
by cycling the key you are allowing the fuel pump to build up pressure before you just start cranking the engine.
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Well seems that it is indeed a fuel starvation issue.

So, fuel pump, fuel filter...etc. Am I missing anything else? regulator too probably. Is there a way to adjust fuel pressure?

Well I'll start witht the easiest first, fuel filter. /shrug
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not likely to be a regulator problem if you are having no other problems with the way the engine runs.
fuel pressure is not adjustable.
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is there a service engine or check engine lamp on
if so codes need to be checked
check that coolent sensor is good it is also posible to be a cold start injector problem

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