1979 Toyota pickup fuel pump


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1979 Toyota pickup fuel pump

I took my truck to a mechanic a few weeks ago to have the idle/ carburator adjusted. When I came back to pick it up they said they couldn't do anything because they couldn't keep it running! I had to have it towed home because it wouldn't start. They mechanics had said, among other things, that my carb was shot so my dad brought me a rebuilt carb. He put it in and it still doesn't start. My dad is now thinking that it may be the fuel pump, but he's not sure which to order.
I know that in 1979 they changed from electric to mechanical fuel pumps at some point, and I think my engine is actually a 1980.
I want to save him the 3 hour drive. How would I find out which fuel pump I need?
Thanks! If you need more info to help me out please let me know.
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well a mechanical one will be on the side of the engine electric could be i the tank or on frame rail folow the fuel line from the carb ad see if it goes in to the pump and were
but before you go changing somthing for nothing do you have fuel and spark to check fuel remove line from the carb attach a rubber line to it place it in a pail and have some one crank the engine see if you get fuel if no and it is not mechanical if electrical check fuese also check power and ground at pump
when the key is on
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I have an old 79 and the fuel pump is in the tank. I got mine running again with an inline electric pump.
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1979 Toyota electric fuel pump

The first time i had a problem with my elec fuel pump i was driving on the turnpike and the truck started bucking like a bronco and then died, after sitting for 15 minutes i tried to start it, it started and i continued to where i was going and back home. After some testing i found that the fuel tank was not grounded very well, so i attached a ground wire from the frame to one of the bolts on the pump mount on the tank.
The second time i had a problem i had parked on a hill for a minute, when i got back in the engine died, apparently the pump didnt have the pressure to pump fuel at the slightly higher elevation of the carburator, i made the assumption that the ground was bad again because the pump didnt run as fast as it did before, after fooling with the ground and adding more fuel it started. After getting home i did some tests. First thing i cut a hole in the bed of the truck right above the fuel tank to get the pump out without taking the whole tank out. After testing i found that the brush springs inside the pump motor has some tarnish on them and not making good contact, when i moved the wire at the pump it would speed up,,,so i took the top of the motor off and soldered the springs onto the wire conectors and reassemled, the motor was fine and the brushes were at about 1/4 inch left so i deemed it salvageable, and after testing it ran good before i put it back in and its been in and running good for almost a year. If anyone has a extra pump let me know so i can keep a spare handy in my tool box incase i break down. ********Some technical info; the pump normally runs with a resistor in series with it at 1.4 amps, 10.95 volts, resistor is 1.6 ohms and fuel pressure 3 to 4 psi. , on intial starting while the key is engaged to start engine the resistor is bypassed and the pump gets full voltage and runs drawing 1.8 amps, fuel pressure 4 to 5 psi. Also an important piece of info, on the 79 truck when the oil light is on it engages the fuel cut off solenoid which shuts off the fuel pump, so if you run out of oil while driving and dont notice the engine will cut out from lack of fuel thereby saving the engine from major failure. Just thought id share some of this that ive spent hours figuring out and dealing with,,,,ps; my truck is up to 197,000,,,,take care,,Scott
( less than a week after writing this i was driving home from the holidays down the turnpike again and what do you think happened? You guessed it,,my fuel pump started dieing on me,,pressure was diminishing off and on, i made it home luckily, i also stopped at the auto zone and picked up a generic replacement pump, and im trying to decide if i should replace the intank pump or just use the generic pump inline? )

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