'94 Ford F-150 - no cruise

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'94 Ford F-150 - no cruise

I need some troubleshooting help, please! I have a 1994 Ford F-150 with the 4.9 liter I-6 engine, overdrive automatic transmission, two wheel drive, tilt steering column and about 140,000 miles. Since I qot the truck in May this year, none of the steering wheel buttons (horn or cruise control) worked, and the airbag light constantly flashed a code 32. It finally dawned on me that there must have been a break in the common electrical connection. Sure enough, the "clockspring" wind-up ribbon cable was broken near the steering wheel connector end. I had a very patient and highly skilled co-worker solder the clockspring back together, and after reinstallation I had a working horn. I could not wait to get the truck on the road to test the cruise.
The next day I had opportunity to do just that. However, the cruise again failed to work. The horn still works, and before reinstalling the clockspring I did a continuity check on all the conductors, so I believe the cable is still good. My Chilton's manual only shows how to remove and replace the steering wheel, amplifier, servo and such. It gives no test or troubleshooting advice or test data of any sort.
I believe the fuse for the cruise control to be good, but I will check. I am also going to look at individual switch function at the wheel. Beyond that, I'm unsure of where to look next. I've left the airbag unplugged in the steering wheel; could this affect cruise control operation? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance - Chris
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unless you are lokking for a good smack in the face from the air bag
do yourself a favour replace the clock spring but remember to disconect the battery for at least 20 min before you work on SRS System so capasitors drain and the bag dose not deploy while you work on it
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If you checked all of your fuses and they are fine, I would jut replace the whole cable. It makes me wonder how it got broken. On that note it is best to check all of the wring in the dash. It also would be a very good idea to reset the electronics/computer on the truck. In fact you might want to try that before you replace the entire cable, but it is dose not work you will want to rest the computer again after the cable is replaced.

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