86 GMC Jimmy Electrical Problem


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Unhappy 86 GMC Jimmy Electrical Problem

I have an 86 gmc jimmy and am having an electrical problem, this thing will start when it wants to or not for days. I changed distributor around 2 months ago and it ran for around a week then started to start only at its own preference. Years ago I had this trouble and ended up changing the pick-up coil in the bottom of the distributor to get it to run again. It ran for 5 years or so without trouble. Well around four months ago it decided to rerun this on/off senario. Here is the scoop, with original distributor that has new pick-up coil (hope that is the correct name for it), new electronic module, new coil, cap/rotor, I get no spark until I go to turn key toward the off position and just as the dash lamps are going off the engine gets some spark and putts a little as if wanting to start. Now I know you are thinking ignition switch under the dash on the column itself but I replaced it today and got the same results. I also ran a wire directly from the battery to the hot line into distributor then cranked it over with the same results, I'm at a loss for next step, possibly I didn't run my hot wire correct when trying to hot wire this thing. Any input on my delema would be helpful. Thanks very much, frustrated in Ohio...

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well i know you said that the module is new but i would try another 9 timesout of 10 your sonario leeds to the module
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I ran into similar problems in the past with my Jimmy S15. My suggestion to you is this: Don't keep doing trial and error and trouble shooting by replacing parts that may not be defective. This starts to cost a lot of money!

I took mine to the experts at an Auto/Electric Shop and they had all the gear to find the faults and problem areas. I paid them for the diagnostic and they told me what had to be done and even explained to me how to do it. It ended up saving me money in the long run.

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