toyota pu 22r chugging & missing


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toyota pu 22r chugging & missing

I have a 1989 Toyota p.u. with the 22r engine and manual 4 speed tranny. Lately when the engine is warming up and while in 2nd or 3rd gear it begins to sputter and chug. It seems to be alright until the auto choke kicks off.
I've replaced the fuel filter and cleaned the carb linkage with carb cleaner but it still sputters. It seems to get somewhat better once the motor is completely warmed up.

Any ideas??????
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it sounds like the choke is misadjusted and the carb needes good cleaning and to be set up start there make sure air door is operating properly and that heat tube is conected
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Good news.....I found the problem. Seems that the tip of one of my spark plugs came off inside the plug wire. Once I put new plugs and plug wires in the problem went away.

Thanks for the reply

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