Ford tractor


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Ford tractor

I am not sure if this is the correct place to start this but I will try and see if anyone has an idea.

I am trying to figure out a charging problem for an older Tractor. It is a 6 volt positive ground. the wiring harness has been replaced. The problem is it does not charge the battery. The battery is good. The Generator is putting out adequate voltage. The regulator has been replaced three times as this is the only thing that makes sense that the problem could be. When you test the amps at the battery with the regulator in place the meter slams from + to - back and forth. when you test with out the regulator it goes to high positive. When left in place the battery goes dead. The tractor dealer that sold the harnes said it has to be a bad regulator and so when the first one showed tha same problem he replaced, and again for the third time. The same symptoms occur. any ideas?
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check that the rpm is high enough to charge if not take the alt to local rebuilder and ask them to put in a trickel post some alt will not charge unless thay see a higher rpm so thay can turn on with a trickel post or wire it fools the alt in to thinking it has a high enough rpm thus charging at a lower rpm which most tractors lift trucks and construction equipment need due to lots of low rpm runs i have this done on most of these that install
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Depending on the year of your tractor you may not have a regulator but just a cutout switch. My 1941 Ford 9N had an adjustment screw on the rear end of the generator to change the level of output from the generator. The generator charged at the same rate at all times. During the summer when we used the tractor during daylight we had to turn the generator output down or we would cook the battery and during the winter when working with the lights on alot we had to turn the generator output up or the battery would go dead. When you turned the key off the cutout switch (which looks just like a small regulator) would disconnect the battery from the generator so as not to create a short. Some of the newer ford tractors did have a regulator instead of the cutout and you could not adjust the output of the generator. It also sounds like there could be some wires backwards. You need to find a good old time Ford tractor mechanic or a good electrical mechanic that understands the old Ford positive ground systems. Good luck
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You claim the battery is good,how was it tested?I think older charging systems needed to be polarized to operate properly but I don't remember how you do it.I'll bet it needs polarized because of the ammeter slamming full + and full -.

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