Wierd 4x4 problems


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Unhappy Wierd 4x4 problems

I have a 94 Sonoma SLE 4x4 with electronic 4x4 shift. Lately, and quite consistantly, when I take off in two wheel drive I can hear only what I can describe as a buzzing/light growling noise coming from the front end, seems
to be more to the passenger side, and it builds up in pitch as I accelerate, which I am sure is gear train buildup of some sort. Then, as I slow to a stop, and am
down around 3 or 4 mph, there is quite a pronounced bang/clunk like the
pressure releasing, and it appears to clear up, but on reaccelerating again, the
problem returns. Lately this is happening more often than not. I replaced the
push button switch module, which wasn`t working properly, but this problem
Can someone please help me out with this, thanks.

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0n some chev 4x4 you have to move a bit in reverse to fully disengage the lock also check "u" joints and fluid level
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I would check the actuator under the battery and the cable from it down to the front axle for damage or corrosion.It sounds like the front diff is partially engaged to me.A vacuum hose goes to the actuator may as well check it while you are in there but it won't cause the problem it will just keep you from entering 4x4.

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