F150 engine locked up


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F150 engine locked up

I have a F150 with 4.6 windsor. The engine is locked up and will not turn over, I tried jump starting it with no luck. Could the starter cause this or could this be a case of oil and water in block dont mix. Any help would be appreciated.
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first suggest you try turning the engine over by hand by using a break over bar and a socket on the crankshaft bolt if you cant turn it over by hand you should remove the drive belt and again try to turn it over by hand if you still cant then the engine is internally damaged and will likely need replaced or might be able to be rebuilt depending on the damage.
if you can turn the engine over by hand then you likely have a problem with the starting system such as starter, cables, or battery.
if their is coolant or water in the oil then the engine is probably damaged, you can usually tell this by removing the dipstic the oil will be overfull and have a white color to it or very light brown color looks muddy.

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