'94 Isuzu Truck


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'94 Isuzu Truck

I have a '94 Isuzu truck with a 4 cylinder and carburetor. The truck will stall out and die out at stop signs for the 10 - 15 minutes of driving on cold mornings. I was told that I would have to adjust the choke on it. How do I go about doing this?
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generally the choke doesnt need to be adjusted but there is several things that can go bad or cause idle problems when the engine is cold and with the engine off I would start by removing the top of the aircleaner and make sure the choke flap is not gummed up or otherwise free to open and close without binding you will have to open the throttle slightly to be able to move the choke flap by hand if it is binding you can clean with carb cleaner it should spring closed on a cold engine.
does the engine have a fast idle when you first start the engine the fast idle speed may be incorrectly adjusted.
if the engine runs rich or loads up it may be due to a bad choke pulloff or missing hot air intake tube this is the tube that runs from exhuast manifold to the air cleaner snorkel, there is also a vacum operated door in the aircleaner that should close when the engine is started cold causing the air going into the engine to be pulled from the hot air tube if the diaghram or vacum switch is bad or tube is missing it will cause idling problems such as loading up or cause the vehicle to die in cold weather until it reaches normal operating temperature.

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