Engine Light Problem


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Engine Light Problem

If anyone can help I have a '97 Tahoe. I recently had a check engine light issue. Initially the computer gave out an egr code. That was changed as well as plugs and wires. The 5th cylinder is misfiring at low idle. I presume this is why my check engine light is flashing. Do I need an expensive valve job or is it built up carbon that can be dissolved over time with injector cleaner as a mechanic has suggested?
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it is hard to say without seeing the car but if your Tech is right it may eventualy go away this would definitly be the cheepest way to go first i would ask him/her to do a motorvac on the vehicle and drive it for a month or so with hi grade fuel and see what happens if it goes away than you saved some money if not well at least you know it wasent just carbon and you may have spent a tun of money for nothing
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When EFI was first introduced "en masse" in North America", our available gasoline blends weren't in pace with auto technology. Back then, injector flushing did, indeed, cure many running problems. In the last several years, injector flushing and/or cleaning has become a non-issue since gasoline blends have caught up to current technology.

I'd be a little concerned with someone telling me that a CEL will "go away". At the very least, the code should be cleared, adaptive strategy reset, a road test to see if the problem recurs. If the problem doesn't come back in the techs road test, the problem should still be documented in the vehicle history in case it recurs.

If it recures, suitable diagnostics should be carried out... allowing a malfunction to remain in the system will waste gas dollars and possibly result in additional expense in the eventual repair.
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chevy had some problems with the injectors such as sticking poppet valves that cleaning can sometimes fix but first i would see the dealer for a diagnossis and if they recomend a cleaning they will have the correct method and cleaner for your engine, just putting injector cleaner in the gas tank will not usually be sufficient.
a simple compression test would determine if you had a valve problem and it should be checked to ensure it is not causing the misfire code.
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If the "CEL" is flashing, this indicates a "catalist damaging missfire". If you continue to drive it this way,you will maybe need a new cat converter in the near future. Check with the dealer & get it fixed ASAP Good Luck (R)
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