quadrajets 85/86


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quadrajets 85/86

I am trying to determine if this carb I have will work on my '82 Scottsdale 4x4. The # is 17085229. I have doug roe's book on q-jets and the standard chiltons on trucks. The carb I have on the truck now has have the choke torn off including the plate itself. It gets the thing down the road after it warms up but the mileage sucks. This new carb has an electrical plug on top which could be for a mixture control valve(requiring a ecm) or it could be for a dual action pump(which is not ecm dependant). My reference material is to vague about dual action pump style carbs. In the diagrams they look to similiar for me to judge. Can anybody educate me or point me to some referrence sources? I have tried 3 other quadrajets which all turned out to have issues. This one in question looks like new, even clean enough to eat off of, and would likely solve all my carburation woes.

Respectfully Requesting Your Assistance,
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I'm not real familiar with the smog Q-jets. I would think that a Q-jet with a mixture control solenoid would also have a TPS. This would be a 3 or 4 wire connector on the left (drivers) front corner of the carb.

Instead of re-inventing the wheel, you might be further ahead to scrounge the choke parts your old carb needs and giving it a good overhaul paying close attention to the air beeds and emulsion tubes. I have seen some real gas mileage improvements by ensuring that the choke and pull-off are set correctly and that the idle is adjusted to "lean best idle".


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