M-I-L's RV...roof AC problem, runs but no fan, just bad noise??? & heater problems


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M-I-L's RV...roof AC problem, runs but no fan, just bad noise??? & heater problems


My Mother-in-law...has a mid-80s 30' Brandywine camp/trailer...its about 2-3 hours from the nearest RV shop...

I have a AC and a HEATER problem...Trailer is in a raised/semi permanent setting...and has not been moved in 15 years...so TAKING IT TO THE SHOP is not an option.

Can anyone help me out here...

The roof AC unit seems to start-up and it sounds like the fan starts to spin...but then itgoes wacky~~~ sounds like the fan and shaft have a poor connection...LOUD NASTY racket (like the blades are brushing against everything) and no air circulation!

I was gonna pull it apart...but figureed I better ask a few questions first...

Never can have too much help/info!


While I am at it...

There is a propane heater (central air system ducted thruout the trailer) mounted underneath the stove...it doesn't work...any advice on how to remove it???

Thank you for any help at all!

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i would take the cover off and see sounds like you may find somthing jamed in the fan or that the bearings need replacement, oilling or greaseing
as for the heater if you know a gass fiter aske him to help if not make sure the gas is turned off try and light the stove to make sure and to burn off any left in the line remove the heater and find the approprate cap for the line check for leaks with a soapy solution and you should be good to go

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