Power loss, cuts out and acts like not getting fuel anytime over 3000rpm!!!!


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Question Power loss, cuts out and acts like not getting fuel anytime over 3000rpm!!!!

Can't find the problem with my 2000 Toyota Tacoma 2.7L 4WD with 175k miles.

Problem description:

1 - Power loss when rpms go over 3000rpm after warming up, usually 10-15 minutes of driving.

2 - Truck runs great when cold. The fact that it runs great when cold is what seems so puzzling on this problem.

3 - The truck will not rev over 3000rpm after it warms up. Its almost like it has a governer or something. Sputters and cuts out.

4 - Happens regardless of uphill or downhill, grade has nothing to do with it.

5 - Happens in any gear and\or neutral, same thing, over 3000 rpms, cuts out like its not getting gas, coughs and chokes over 3000rpm. No power whatsoever.

6 - Cleaned the MAF (mass air flow - the small sensor between the the aircleaner box and throttle body) and cleaned the throttle body (with throttle body cleaner) after those cleanings the truck seemed to run smoother and a little stronger but ended up doing the same thing after warming up.

7 - unplugged the battery (thinking we could "reset" the problem if it was computer related, same thing.

8 - Installed new fuel filter, still having problem.

9 - Talked to a toyota mechanic, he said to clean or replace the MAF which we did.

10 - Fuel pump? Toyota mechanic said we'd be able to hear it and should be be more noticable if the truck is going up hill, this can't be the problem...

11 - Visual inspection of plug wires, they look good. They have the year 1999 on them. Thought about changing these but that wouldn't be making this problem happen? only after warming up? Trying not to spend a small fortune replacing parts and finding it doesn't end up fixing the problem...

12 - Stop off for gas or shut it off for about 5-10 minutes and problem disappears until it warms up again. Temp gauge normal. How weird!

Thanks for any help anyone can offer.
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i would start with having the truck scanned for codes and data it sound like the coolant sensor for the ecm may be reading wrong or as the tech told you may be the MAF sensor without having them scan it and read the parameters it would be like going fishing in a barrel
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Something Else To Check

Read your problem, and since it isn't happening till after it warms up, and then only over 3000 RPM, I would suggest trying to remove the catalytic convertor, and install a temporary bypass tube. If after doing this the truck runs more normally it's a good bet that your convertor is plugged, especially since you've done all the things suggested by a Toyota tech.

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