1979 Chevy grain truck guzzles gas


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1979 Chevy grain truck guzzles gas

I have a very clean 1979 Chevy 2 ton grain truck with 22k miles and it has always been garaged so things are in pretty good shape. The problem is that it guzzles gas like crazy. It seems to be making around two or three miles per gallon. It has already had a carb kit put in and we took it apart again yesterday to troubleshoot it. It has a rochester (17059127) two-barrel and the main jets size is #59. The mechanic thought these might look a little big. Does anyone know about this? We have looked at the obvious things, so what could some of the little tricky things be which could cause it to guzzle gas. There does seem to be a casting imperfection where one of the main jets screws in, but i don't think much (if any) gas could leak past the threads, even with the little pot hole in the casting. Any ideas?
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well i would double check the choke and also the float to see if it is leaking as for the jet size if some one has not changed them thay should be the right ones usuly when it comes to carbs any more i will purches a rebuilt one on exchange or send mine out if one is not avalible this way you are sure it was done rite and if there are problems it would be covered just make sure that when you install the new one your mixtyre is ok have a vaccume gage instaled and make sure you have around 19 hg vaccum
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what size engine does this truck have in it?
check timing and the vacum advance if it has one to see if it still works also check the mechanical advance to make sure it isnt frozen up.
have you checked around the fuel pump weep holes for leaking fuel with the engine running?

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