Looking for reliable truck


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Looking for reliable truck

I am looking to buy a used pu truck. It would be used daily for general maintenance work and at the most pull a small light-weight trailer. It would not be used for snow plow work.

My price range is around $6500-8000. Options such as air conditioning and music packages are not important to me. Options such as year/miles, mpg, extended cab, 3/4 ton, 4x4 capability, dual fuel tanks, standard/automatic drive etc are important but only relative to the price and maintenance history.
In other words, I'm willing to pay for a good truck but need to steer clear of models with a history of problems with engines, drive trains, etc.

Does anyone have any recommendations based on personal experience, past performances, and consumer guide reports? All responses appreciated.
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As I have said in the past there are good and bad in every make and model your best bet is to see which one has the features for what you are looking for and the price you are able to spend i have been in this trade a long time and i here people tell me tahat there truck is the best never had a problem and i could have another with the same model tell me differant so chose what is rite for yor if you are buying used ask to have it brought to your Tech for a once over if thay say no BEWARE there is probobly somthing being hidden
good luck in your search
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I understand and appreciate your experience and knowledge. I realize that while one person may have had great experiences with Fords, another may quote the same chapter and verse about Toyota.

Anyone else?
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Ford F-150 what more can I say?
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oh.. for a few, you could say,,, GMC, Chevy, Toyota, Dodge, Jeep, ... like the above statement, you have to really take a look at your needs and likes... extended cabs are really nice for the tall long legged, and they give you that extra security of locking up tools etc behind the seat rather than the back of your truck.. short bed vs. long bed (what are you going to be hauling?.. 4X4 or 2 wheel (where do you want to get to with it), what are your friends in the same type business using? which are the happiest with what they have?.. kinda a tough question, good side to it is there are plenty of everything out there to choose from... places to look also, www.traderonline.com check also with your neighborhood banks for repo deals.. sometimes you can really get a good deal this way.. and the local autotrader/trucktrader at the service station or 7-11 store.. good luck..

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