92 Dakota A/C Fades In and Out


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Question 92 Dakota A/C Fades In and Out

Hello! I have a 92 Dakota with a 3.9L engine. Don't know if it matters but it's a standard 2 seater with the 8 ft. bed.

For a couple years now the A/C fades in and out inexplicably. If I hit the gas for a strong acceleration the airflow gets transferred from the vents in the dashboard to the floor and defroster vents. Once I let off the gas for a moment it returns to the vents in the dashboard (well, assuming that's the setting I have them on anyways). Actually, this happens regardless of whether the A/C compressor is running or not. It's really fun when it's windy out because it flips back and forth constantly!

Anyone have any ideas on this? I've got 140,000 on it so I'm also looking for any "By the way ... have you tuned/checked/replaced this?" comments as well.

Please be kind, I'm a newbie in working on cars and trucks.
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There will be a one way checkvalve between the intake manifold and vacuum reservoir... usually a plastic cannister on one of the fenderwells. If this valve is faulty, it will allow vacuum to bleed off when the motor is in low vacuum conditions as when accelerating or pulling a hill.

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