98 Chevy P/U Problems


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98 Chevy P/U Problems

Well here is my long story that has been ongoing since October 2004..

1. Bought set of Goodrich LT235/75R15 tires from wal-mart.

2. Took truck next day to Firestone to have front end/brakes checked. They recommended Alignment, Wheel Cylinders, Left Rear Axle Bearing/Seal. Front Bearings serviced at this time. Was told all other front end components were good.

3. She rode great and smooth and then steering wheel started to vibrate. Took back to Firestone, they said have tires checked. I checked pressure, lug torque, no missing weights. Took and had balanced. Good for little while, then again the shimmy. Had balanced again...and then again. 3rd time I had Goodyear's put on..LT235/75R15..wal-mart.

4. She rode smooth, no shimmy, no vibration. Then started pulling/drifting to right, vibration felt from front end, but no shimmy in steering wheel. Checked pressure, lug torque, no missing weights. Drove for month or so like this, then took back to Firestone for this and brake pedal feels like it's going too far.

5. Firestone checked front end again, said good. Checked alignment..within specs. Said tires may be out of round..balanced and rotated..had them check brakes as I thought might be caliper sticking or drag on rotors..everything good..they recommend Master Cylinder replace.

6. Left shop, truck is riding like sh*t..pulling..vibrating..I'm getting pizzed..take her back to Firestone..they assure me alignment in green..tires must be bad..tires are new. Firestone idiot..got to be those tires..truck's just 'tracking' the road crown, that's why she's pulling..want to buy some Firestone's? I leave Firestone. Drive her for another month, pulling, vibrating, ruff rider.

7. Take by Midas, they say Pittman/Idler Arm's bad. Recommend replace..this and Alignment...the other guys said Front End fine...what to do?..no thanks Midas.

8. Call Firestone, talk to District Mgr. He says bring truck in different location, he'll do a walkthrough. He test drives, put's on alignment machine. Machine shows 3.2 left, 3.0 right. He says left should always be lower than right. Say's need to slot Control Arm to adjust more. Offers to give set of Firestone P235/75R15 for free. LT tires on the truck are harder/stiffer ply. I say ok, have Master Cylinder replaced.

9. Pick up baby, she's running great. No pulling, smooth riding..ready for me to drive her good and light that 350 up..new tires to burn up..oh no..2 days later and the wheels shimmying again...front end's vibrating..pulling to left now..oh boy. And I still think the brake pedal is going down to far..

10. Take back to Idiot Firestone..they check tires..out of balance..after only 2 days? Geeze..tell me pedal travel normal for chevy pickups my style..

11. And here I am..after reading this long story does anyone have any advice?
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by a ford? sounds like a tough one for sure, you've covered everything except having the tires checked for hard spots or out of round.. my brakes on my GMC were always softer than I liked too, but everybody said it was the nature of the beast.. I'm sure someone by now has an idea for you on that tho... good luck!
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Midas,Wal-mart,Firestone???? Hey!!! take it to a reputable shop.

These clowns are "learning" on your truck .

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