92 Chevy Silverado


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92 Chevy Silverado

I think my starter is going out...pretty good for the factory starter. But at start up sometimes it sounds like it misses something, and then after a try or two it catches and turns over. Am I correct in my assumption? And is changing the starter something I can tackle myself or should I seek a pro. Any links with info will be appreciated.
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the starter is not that difficult to install just remember to disconnect the battery first then lower the starter and disconect the starter cables there is also a knock sensor located just in front of the starter and the connector is usually very brittle you should disconnect it and lay it out of the way and be carefull not to break the sensor or connector when removing the starter the connector is available in a pigtail at most parts stores if it is damaged.
when you get the starter off you should look at the flywheel for damaged teeth as this can also cause the problem you describe however most of the time it is the starter.

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