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Question 1989 Ford 460

Hi everyone!
I have just purchased a 1989 Fleetwood Pace Arrow RV. The chassis is a John Deere with a Ford 460 engine with 26,000 on the clock.
After the RV had been sitting in the driveway for a few hours we noticed a very strong gasoline smell throughout the cabin. The smell was strongest over the engine box. I removed the air cleaner and could not see any obvious gas leak, although the area around the front fuel bowl seemed to be the source of some seepage, and the smell is strongest over the carb. I tested the retaining screws with a wrench and found them to be quite loose on both bowls, although the rear bowl was clean and dry. I tightened the bolts carefully a little and the gas smell seemed to dissipate after a while. After idling the engine for a while on Sunday doing other checks the smell returned and is still evident today. You can also smell the gas outside the RV around the front area. I have looked everywhere for other leaks including the fuel filter and gas lines but everything is in order (or appears so). There does not seem to be anything amiss with the vapor canistor or lines running to and from it.

Is is possible the the problem is simply that the float is getting stuck open and flooding the bowl? The engine starts and runs great with no sign of problems.

Thanks in advance,
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you might check around the fuel pump if mechanical for any leakage but more than likely you have a small leak at the carb fuel bowl screw gaskets or accelerator pump gasket, is common leaking areas for a holley carb and it doesnt take much of a leak to cause a gas smell.
if the fuel bowl was flooding it would not run very good at all so i doubt that is the problem suggest you have the carb rebuilt or a new kit installed in the carb.
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Thanks bejay. I've got it booked in for inspection and repair of the carb next week. Your comments certainly confirm what I saw.

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