LP Gas Tank


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LP Gas Tank

I have an old style tank on my camper. If I get a new tank do I have to do anything to make it fit my old regulator? Also, my regulator is missing the plastic cap on top. Does that effect the regulator. Doesn't the regulator control the gas pressure. If I turn the plastic screw on the top isn't that how you adjust the pressure?

It appears to work just fine but should it go out how would I know?

As you can tell I do not know anything about the regulator and I am just trying to learn what I need to know?

I would appreciate any information you can provide me.


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If you dont know much about LP hook ups,to be on the safe side,especially with older equipment, I would suggest calling the gas Co. and let them hook up new tanks, as they know how to check all your appliances to make sure they are working properly, and of course the will check for leaks in the system also.
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Thank you for the information and advice. I appreciate it.

Have a great day.


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