1992 F150 dual fuel tanks


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Lashel Musarra
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Question 1992 F150 dual fuel tanks

I have a f150 with dual fuel tanks. There is fuel coming out of the front cap even when the neither of the tanks are full. The filter has been changed. The fuel line goes to the back tank but T's off to the front tank. Could I just run a line straight the back tank and be done with it or maybe just put a straight coupling in the place of the T? The wiring harness to the fuel pump on the front tank has been disconnected. Help Please!
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you should be able to remove the tee if you do not want to use the front tank shouldent be a problem
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Lashel Musarra
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is that what would make the gas come out of the front gas cap. when it started doing this the truck itself wasnt getting enough fuel to it to stay running. could the T be bad? I think bypassing it would be the easiest. thanks for the advice.
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there is a checkvalve in each fuel pump that is there to prevent the fuel from entering the other tank when not being used, ford has come out with external checkvalves that go inline between sending unit and fuel line alot of ford trucks was recalled do to a safety issue so you may check with your dealer to see if the recall applies to your vehicle, the recall involves installing a external check valve at each tank and changing the fuel pressure regulator.
suggest also having a fuel pressure test performed to check each pump as you may have a bad one if you were experiencing running problems.

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