1977 Dodge Pickup Ignition Problem


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Thumbs up 1977 Dodge Pickup Ignition Problem

Ive got a 1977 Dodge D100 with 318 motor. The motor turns over but will not start. I took the coil wire off the distributor and put it about 1/4 inch away from metal and did not get a spark when my son turned the key. I replaced the coil and coil wire with a new one and still did not start. It has an electronic iginition module and I had it tested and it was good. I replaced the ballast because it was cracked. I did the coil test again and still don't get a spark. Any ideas on what else I could check to get this old truck going. It was running fine before this happend. Thanks for any ideas.
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I have seen this before and it turned out to be the electronic box that, if I can remember, is mounted on the air cleaner housing. Its part of the ignition system.
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There is a "pick-up" module inside the distribitor (replaces the points) if this unit is bad it will not give you any spark. Make sure you are getting 12 volts to the positive side of the coil, that is where it all starts. Use a test light to check this, if it is there.....put the test light from pos to neg on the coil connectors and turn the engine over, you should see the light flash on and off as the pickup module turns on/off. If not you are either missing the 12V during the start mode of the ignition switch (not likely); coil is bad (you have replaced it already); pickup coil or reluctor (star gear) bad.
One other thing to check, it has been known to happen to me.....pull the dist. cap and make sure the rotor is turning when the engine is turned over, if not....timing chain or dist is shot.
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I had a '75 and a '77 dodge pickup. Neither of them were 'lean burn' and didn't have the electronic bok on the aircleaner.

Thank god!

I had a '78 Cordoba that did... and I wish it didn't.

I am thinking along the same lines as trying2help. It's probably the pick-up coil / stator under the distributor. Or the wires powering the area.
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Best advice is to replace the entire ignition you can buy one new for $147.00 used for $50.00 your going to spend more on parts than the cost of the replacment. If your getting no spark and there juice on the coil the control module is shorted out. You can follow a series of tests using a ohm meter that will find your guilty part a test light works good too but may short out your control module if its sensitive. My dodge was so sensitive it cried at movies and store openings but she had always been like that since 1972 when i bought her new. now she's almost fifty years old and is just as relaible and powerful as she was as a teen. Good luck finding your shorts. Ken yea i am handy man Ken.
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Welcome to the forums Ken.

Let me dust off this thread for you since it's over 8 years old.
Yeah.....sometimes I don't notice the thread date either.

Thanks for the additional info.
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I found the problem

Yeah I sold this truck years ago but for anyone got an old dodge the battery wire runs through the dashboard gauge that shows you how the battery is and these rust and I ended up just cutting it out and putting a wire nut on the wires and never had anymore problems.

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