RV water heater


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RV water heater

The pilot light on my Travel Trailer water heater barely lights. It will only stay lit as long as you hold the red button down. My son says that he had the cover off the box that the gas tube comes out of and "cleaned it all up." Could he have done something in there that affected the amount of gas that is going to the pilot light?

I've tried cleaning out the pilot light itself with carburator cleaner but it has not helped.

Any suggestions?
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I am not an expert on those type heaters but most gas type water heaters have a thermocouple. This sends a signal to the gas valve that the pilot is lit and ready to receive gas for lighting. Yours is probably bad. happens all the time on home gas heaters. Check with an RV dealer that sells your brand and you can probably get one to replace it. good luck.
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Do you think that would be the problem even though my first problem is that the pilot light will not function properly?
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The reason that we have to hold down the red button is to allow the pilot light to warm the thermocouple. Other concerns may be attributed to air in the propane system - not knowing the history of your RV makes that judgement difficult.

Still, thermocouples are inexpensive, relatively easy for a DIYer with moderate to good skills (attention to detail is essential) and are usually going to fail sooner or later (meaning if it don't cure the concern, it ain't going to hurt).
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I had the same problem i seem to remember a small hole or holes in the end just before where the flame is, cleaned them and it worked fine
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you can clean the pilot light with alcohol and a wood toothpick, do not use anything metal.

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