Satellite and other Hi-Tech Questions


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Satellite and other Hi-Tech Questions

I'm actively searching and shopping for the RV that will take my family on long weekends, vacations, and then when retirement or lottery happens, (whichever comes first) take us around the country.

I'm not a bit fan of junk TV watching, but do like to keep abreast of current events. I'm not going to be one of those RVers who go "camping" by setting up somewhere just to watch TV. However, I'd like to be able to set my satellite dish up to catch the news. I subscribe to a satellite service at home and have several legal receivers in different rooms for which I pay on a monthly basis. I have an extra dish. My question is, can I simply take one of my recievers along with the dish on a long weekend trip and tune it in?

Though I don't have satellite provided internet service, I have the same question regarding that, if I go with a service in the future. If I am paying for the service, would it not work no matter where I am, as long as the antenna is properly aimed?
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first question is yes you can bring your dish and recever anyware and watch sat but you can not order PPV events
second question is no web tv also needs a minimum of a dial up conection so unless you are conected to a phone line to dial your dial up isp than it will not work you should be able to brows but not send e-mail chat or forums
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Thanks for the reply, that's what I thought. I have no phone line connected to the satellite system in my house and can order and watch PPV movies just fine by ordering them over the internet. As far as Internet, sorry, I don't do dial up anymore, nor do I do WebTV, after trying it out in a few hotel rooms when my laptop died and being quite unimpressed. I'm going to try high speed internet by satellite, but am curious as to the quality. I do most bill payment and money management online as it is anyway.
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captwally, I can take your receiver with you. with either dish, or dtv but you won't be able to get your locals outside your area.. however, you can call your provider and get a receiver setup for rv use, that will include the networks. as for the sat internet i have found it to be a hassle to set takes a bigger dish with multiple lnb's. and i have found most campgrounds have a lot of trees, making sighting dificult. have fun camping...
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I heard that Direct tv gives you a hassle and charges you more if you use a receiver on the go...I took a 5 gal bucket, put 1 1/4 inch heavy PVC pipe it concrete and mounted an extra dish to it, you can buy just the dish at places like Rex, best buy, circut city etc, I assembled the dish and just toss it under neath when I get rolling...the receiver knows the deg settings and will tell you durring set up all you need si the zip code and a small whench should ( and you will ) have to move the dish.

I am not rich, and those roof top tunable model cost a small fortune, I just deal with the low tech manual adjustments, if we are traveling and are just there for the night I just use the antenna

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