Frustration with my non starting ford...


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Frustration with my non starting ford...

I have posted this problem several times already. My 1990 f 150 has a starting problem. I had a short which turned out to be the ignition but that did not solve the starting problem. So here it goes again.

I can start the truck just fine while cold. But once it heats up it simply will not start. you can try till you are blue in the face but all it does is rundown your battery and without even getting a full turn of the stsrter.

Now you are probly thinking this sounds like an altenator problem. I had it checked for both a charging problem an wheter or not it could be draining my battery it works in both respects. It was tested at 2 different shops that rebuild them.

The starter also works fine. I had it rebuilt and 3 different rebuilders say it it is fine.

All the wiring from the battery to starter is new including the starter relay. The voltage drop both on the entire circut as well as all pts in between are well within spec.

I also have put in a new ignition and ign switch but this was to fix a pwr drain caused by a faulty ign cylinder that would release the key while still in accessory. The truck reacts the same despite these changes.

I tried a new ign coill but got the same result.

So now that my essay of frustrating and fruitless attempts to quash this problem is done I now ask the question what can it be? Could I be looking at some problem with timing or in the ign module? Is this perhaps an idication of a partially seized engine? Has anyone encoutered this problem before? Or is there some crazy obscure relay or fus link or whatever that I may be overlooking?

I just find it funny how this problem only rears its ugly head once the engine compartment gets heated up. Any help would be appreciated...
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you should check your ignition timing to make sure its not overadvanced if ok suggest trying another starter even though you have had yours rebuilt it could very well be the problem.
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the ignitinon module and or anything like that will not cause the engen to not trun over it has to be either the Battery ,Starter the ring gear or trany related or somthing off the drive belt causeing the engine not to turn i would still say that it is a bad ground or power cable to the starter it may be time to bring it to a pro to have it checked out it would be cheeper than to keep guessing

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