S-10 1999 Air Conditioning


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S-10 1999 Air Conditioning

My airconditioner was blowing hot air, the freeon (sorrry) is good when i put airconditioner on as high as it will go the cylinder where u put the freeon in dos not get cold. the compressor is not turning constantly just spins for a few seconds, then stops, then spins then stops it never runs constant one person said it is suppose to run constant and some one else told me it should stop and go. can someone please help me. (sorry about the terrible grammer)
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there is a good possibility it is low on freon when the compressor cycles on and off rather quickly and is blowing hot air, the compressor can cycle on and off as normal operation to keep the evaporator from freezing up however this is most noticable on cooler days or after the a/c has been on for quite awhile and the inside of the vehicle is cooled down this normal condition does not cause the vehicle to blow hot air it just keeps the evaporator above a freezing temperature so it doesnt ice up.
you likely have a leak somewhere and have lost most of its freon out of the system.
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I had a similar problem with my 99 GMC Yukon. Whenever the compressor rapid cycles, it is very low on freon charge and need to service a leak. In my case it was a corroded supply line to the rear evaporator.

Good luck--it's a summer for A/C!

Mike Flynn
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sounds like a leak problem to me too.I had that happen to me.my prob was only a not so tight hose conection.Look for the easy things first.hose conections with dirty black grease near conection.lookat compressor it too may have that film on it.look at the service ports dirty?greasy?spit on them to see if bubbles form.or use a little dish soap and water to see if they bubble.good luck

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