89 GMC 2500 suburban front end violent shake


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Angry 89 GMC 2500 suburban front end violent shake

89 GMC 2500 V-series, 5.7, four wheel drive suburban 4" lift 35" all terrain.

With about 1500 lbs of large tree rounds in the back of my sub I caught a bit of air, initial known results were not good. I sheared off two studs on the steering knuckle as well as snapping the ball joint on left side I also blew-out all shocks.

Replaced all broken parts as well as stabilizer bushings, truck seemed to drive fine, I thought I had been lucky, NOT.

Now at times when driving uneven roadway not always and defiantly not consistent with any certain variables other than possibly easy right turns and 30 MPH range my front end will start shaking. This is not a little shimmy or vibration it is a violent shake, side to side and up and down, the only way I can describe it would be like a wheel is falling off. Sometimes it seems to be coming from right side and other times from left side. When it happens I need to come to damned near a complete stop to make it quit.

All vis-able suspension and steering linkage parts seem to be fine and I cannot find any cracks in the frame. Front end is a bit loose but this in itself would not lead me to believe it is the cause.

Could a broken ball joint on the right side cause this, could the ( non-adjustable) castor being off cause it to do this? How about wasted leafs the bushings seem to be o.k.? Maybe something in a hub or a bent knuckle anything to do with the axle? I am just totally clueless and would really prefer not to start digging towards axles without some in-put on what could possibly be causing this.

My rims are the kind that are thick (I need longer studs) so seating them the right way on the studs is a ***** but I have never had a problem before, could it be that simple?

Any direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Steve
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first i would start with lifting the front end place a block by the tire just barly touching spin the tire if it hits the block ou goes to far away than you may have a bad rim or improper seating if all is good than i would go get an alignment thay will let you know if ther is a problem also you ma want to get a tire ballance if you landed that hard you may have a broken belt internal
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SAME Problem 1985 4x4

I have a 85 4X4 that has the same problem Ive looked at all over the truck and can not find anything wrong its got new shocks and streeing stablizer. Any help please
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most of the time violent shaking in the front end is from bad tie rod ends or cross link. check all suspension parts including ball joints don't forget to also check for extra slack in wheel bearings, it only takes a small amount of loosness in suspension componets to cause this problem.

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