charging setup


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charging setup

Hope I can get some help with setting up a battery Isolator system for my rig:
2005 Chevy Express van with a 145amp alternator and an ACDelco #4969 CCA 600-ah63 starting battery. The house battery is a Lifeline AGM GPL-8DL CCA 1950-ah255. The Lifeline house battery runs a 5000w Aims modified sine wave Inverter.
I use the inverter to start an air compressor and run tools (this is a service truck)
I have the Inverter/battery installed (and it ROCKS btw) but need the charging circuit setup. Not sure if this forum allows me to name where I got stuff, email if you want to know. Anyway, I need the truck alternator to charge the house battery in addition to the starting battery. Would also like what size and where would you add fuses and disconnects. Any help much appreciated! Thanks, Mike
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your best bet would be to pick up an isolater switch that senses when a battery needs a charge and will kick in and open to the alternator line you can get these at places that sell rv parts you can try wrecking yards some of the old snapon trucks have them if it is just 2 batterys your dealing with than just run batterys in line together and it will be fine with your alt most of the diesel trucks are running duel batterys

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