1997 F-150 Heater core


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1997 F-150 Heater core

I have a leaking heater core in my 1997 F-150 4x4 extended cab 5.4 Liter. Looks like it can turn into a fun DIY project. Any suggestions on the easiest possible route to get to the heater core? Whole lot of screws to get the dash board off. Does the whole dash have to come off or just part??? Thanks in advance for any information.

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Cool 1997 f-150 heater core

I have a radical idea that worked for me when my heater core leaked on my 77 ford p/u. Instead of pulling the dash, I took a 3'' rotory cutting blade on my drill, and cut the firewall, using the new heater radiator as a guide. After I cut it open, replaced the old radiator, then using a square of sheet metal and some self tapping screws, covered the hole up and painted it. Looks good and sure beat tearing that dash out.
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well thats an answer i wouldent have thought of

it calls for aprox 6 hr in the shop to do this job dash bord must be removed
only advice is to be calm and careful make sure you note ware all screws go back may be a good idea to see if you can get a book or copy of removal instructions it will make your life lots easier
and just my 2 sense dont go with the hole saw lol

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