Water leak from exhaust


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Water leak from exhaust

Just got back from a 6 hr. road trip in my 2002 F150 and after parking for several hours I noticed a puddle (about 1 cup) under the rear of the exhaust pipe. It looks as though the leak is at the tail pipe/muffler connection. Smell and taste says its water with no antifreeze smell. I didn't run the air conditioner at all during the trip, no rain, and there was nothing in the truck box. Every other vehicle I've had in recent memory has had some leak or another (oil, tranny, seals etc.) but those are usually easy to spot and figure out. Would there be any reason water is running out of the exhaust?
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Just last week on our local news I caught the tail end of a report talking just about that.The response they gave was that it was nothing to worry about and that it was a sign of a very efficient burning of fuel resulting in little air pollutants. If nothing else call your dealer and also a few shops just to gauge their response. Also you may check your local paper ,it may have a auto section on auto repair questions.They usually have their e-mail address at the bottom of the article so you may contact them.Good luck
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When you burn a gallon of gas, you make almost a gallon of water.

It's normal, don't worry about it.
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its not a problem just condensation

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