53' one barrel carb. flooded?


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53' one barrel carb. flooded?

Ok my truck, a 53' gmc, is flooded... I think. It will start now, which is the good thing,but the bad thing is that it will only run for a couple of minutes. After it dies it will not start. I leave and go back to the truck after a couple of hours and it starts, but it dies faster then it did the first time. Is the problem that the carb. is flooded? Is there another problem? Does the carb. just need to be tuned? Or what? When I get these problems figured out, I will never stop driving this old truck.
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flooded truck

Are you sure your truck is flooded or is it out of fuel due to a plugged up filter or somthing in the line. Maybe it is letting enough fuel in to run a little bit, then plugging up again. I would make sure the fuel lines are clear and any inline filter not plugged up. You might have to clean up that old carb, but it can't be anything too serious. Hope this helps, Jerbear
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Adjust the float drop, then you'll be running okay

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