Dim lights on camper


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Question Dim lights on camper

Hi, just bought an old overhead camper. Put it on truck with two 2x4's under camper front and rear to clear plumbing on camper. Hooked up tail lights and noticed they aren't very bright. Can't hardly see the stop lights, tail lights or blinkers when on. Tail lights on the truck are bright. Do I need to add a ground wire from the camper to the truck frame to get good ground? If so, just where do I add the wire to and from....Many thanks, Jerber
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Fixed dim taillights

Hi guys, just a note to say I fixed the dim light problem. I took off the taillight lens and there was a lot of dirt and corrosion on the bulbs and after cleaning everything up the lights are now a lot brighter. The new problem is how do you adjust a toilet to fill the bowl with water without opening the flush blade? It is a Masterseal by Monogram ind. It has a long adjustable threaded rod from the pedal to a water valve behind the unit. Would this be what needs adjusting, Any help is appriciated, Jerbear.

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