Synthetic oils


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Synthetic oils

Can anyone tell what kind of mpg increase I can expect(if any) by switching to
Synthetic oils in the trans(turbo 350) & rear end in a 72 Chevy lwb 2 wheel drive pick up? Thanks in advance, Mike
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just leave it you will not find a diferance except for the cost
Synthetic oils are great if you are raceing thay will not brake down but for a everyday vehicle i find it to be a waste of money oil dosent useuly brake down in 5000 km it is the dirt in the engine that causes the problem with Synthetic oil you will still have the dirt
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syns will give a little better performance ( great in real cold morning starts, since they flow better ) they will give a little mpg boost, but not enough to even notice, they don't sludge up, and of course don't break down as quick as conv. but as long as you have a good air filter on it ( k&ns let in more dirt ) paper is what i'm leaning to, and good oil filtration, wix ( or napa gold ) or purolator, etc. frams are a no. you can extend a true synthetic way past 3, and maybe go 6,000 ( depends on driving style ) 3,000 on conv. is a myth, 4,000 or better is capable, and by what i mean by true syns, search castrol vs. mobil...... mobil 1 or amsoil, or redline are great true syns, and even pennzoil platinum is a new type of syn.

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