Synthetic Blend Motor oil


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Synthetic Blend Motor oil

I've been using Motorcraft 5w30 Super Premium Motor oil on My 1999 Ford 150 PU, I'm about to do an oil change. I'm told I can use Premium synthetic Blend motor oil. Has anybody gone thru this. Appreciate your comments.
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just use the same weight or weight the manufacturer recomends in the owners manual and you can use what ever brand of synthetic or blend or conventional oil you wish to use.
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Synthetic oil comes in two varities .... true synthetic oil (such as Mobil One) and synthetic blends. I use Mobil One 10W30. It's a true synthetic oil that does not have the impurities of conventional (fossil cruel) oil or will breakdown like conventional oil. Mobil One is more expensive, but over the long run, it's cheaper than an engine swap.

With regular oil, they say you should change your oil every 3,000 miles. With Mobil One, you can go 6,000 - 8,000 miles between oil changes. So the actual cost difference is nearly eliminated.

As for synthetic blend oil, I never understood the point of buying it ..... it seems to be like mid-grade gasoline. Not as bad as conventional oil, yet not as good as a true synthetic oil.

BTW, as I stated before I use Mobil One .... and change my oil every 6,000 miles. Then I do change the oil, the "old" oil that comes out of my engine looks just as clean as the new oil that I put back in. Again, it's cheaper than an engine swap.

BTW part 2 - Auto manufacturers like BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Ferrari, and Chevy (in the new Corvettes) strongly recommend Mobil One oil. Think about it.

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