Brake issues


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Brake issues


I have a 1992 Chevy Silverado, 5.7L V8 Automatic.
A few weeks ago my brake light came on due to low fluid. I checked the brakes and they still have life left, I checked for leaks, and did not find any. I topped off the reservoir and it has held its level since.

My brakes still felt spongy, so I bled them, but I had no improvement in pedal feel.
Sometimes while stopped the pedal will fade and slowly creep down, but this only happens occasionally. When this does happen, I get the brake light and the only way to clear it is to disconnect the rear anti lock brake controller for about 10 seconds, then re-connect it and the brake light is gone.

I am thinking that I may have got some dirt in a valve somewhere when the fluid ran low…
But I am not convinced the master cylinder doesn’t have an internal leak, allowing fluid to by-pass the plunger…if that’s even possible.

Anyone hear have any advice?
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sounds like the master is bypassing a littel it dose not have to leak to be bad you said your fluid went low how low was as the pads and shoes ware fluid will drop bu never low enough to cause air in the system if it went down to the point that air got in take anotrher good look for leaks watch for calipers or wheel cylinder seeping

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