76 chevy cheyenne stuck odometor help!


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Question 76 chevy cheyenne stuck odometor help!

Can any of you car brainiacs help me? We Got a move it or loose it notice on my husbands truck which is parked in front of the house. Heres the thing. It isn't his main source of transportation, (too costly) but we don't have a spot for it in the driveway and it does get driven. BUT... the odometor no longer works. The notice said the odometer has to change. no more chalking the curb, those days seem to be over. How do we fix. or change the odometer? We can't tell them it moved they'll wanna see the odometer, and since it doesn't show that it does indeed get driven.... I hope someone can help, we can't afford to get raked over the coals by a professional at the moment (do I sound a tad bitter..... ?) Thank you in advance for any advice
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dose the speedo work ?
if yes than you have to change the whole unit if no than maybe the cable is broke and needs to be changed as to the move it or lose it person who are they the police if yes and the speedo works ask them if they want to pay for the replacement unit how do they know if it never moves if it is a housing complex deal tell the to get #$%^ and ask them to take it up with you and the police the police are not going to keep coming to your door and ask to read your OD if so man do they have to much time on there hands and it sounds like a good story for the paper god i hate people that try to bully others good luck let me know if speedo works or not maybe i can help you figure how to repair also is it digital or dial
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76, should have a dial. anyways, could be odometer itself, or the cable. otherwise, you could count hours for oil changes, and tell the police, whoever its broken, therefore it no longer works. but it runs, drives, and gets parked in the same spot. if they still say it needs to show its been driven, park it one way, then the other that is if you can't get it fixed.

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