Do I buy Ford accessories or after market?


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Do I buy Ford accessories or after market?

I purchased a new 2005 Ford F-150 4x4 Lariat a couple weeks ago. I love this truck and recommend to anyone looking for a 1/2-ton truck. After the purchase, I had Line-X do the spray-on liner, which looks great! I also had a remote starter installed. Now, I want marker lights on front a rear of truck. At night, I want to be sure the car in front of me knows to get out of my way. (Just kidding. but do want the lights for better visibility.)

The question here is do I purchase the roof marker lights and rear light strip from Ford or do I go with an aftermarket purchase. Ford says that if I buy their accessories, they are included in the warranty, a bonus!

I priced out the job with Ford dealership, to have the five marker lights installed on the roof, then a 9-light marker strip installed at the back bottom of my truck bed. Parts, which also include four mud flaps, will run about $300 for everything. Labor was quoted at about the same, $300. I suppose I could install the rear marker lights myself, but why bother if they'd be installing the roof markers at the same time. In addition, the detailer at the dealer said he'd install the mud flaps free of charge (another bonus).

A friend installed aftermarket cab lights on the roof on his 2003 F-350. He said he's had problems with water leaking in the cab. I'm assuming that is attributed to either the way the lights were installed or with the quality of the lights or both.

Anyone have any experience with a similar situation or any advice for which to choose? Does the charge from Ford sound like a fair deal?
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DIYing it is nice and saves money. But sometimes you have to look at the big picture. You will be getting a warranty and someone to redo any mistakes. Yes, it costs more to start with, but you have peace of mind and know that you will not be voiding any other warranties on your new truck. My 92 F-150 had a rust-thru warranty which was voided if I drilled any holes in the body.
We are a DIY site but sometimes it pays to let the pros do it. Good luck.
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Hello: tafallon

Complimentary suggestions to the excellent advice provided above.

Once the job is done by the dealer, take truck to a local car wash. Run the vehicle thru the washer. Any water leakage noted, return the vehicle immediately. Dealer will make any needed repairs at that time.

Dealer installation, in my opinion, is well worth the money spent. Any future leakage which may develope will be covered under the warranty. And the dealer is far less likely to still be in business, verses a privately owned shop, years later.

Your question is: "Does the charge from Ford sound like a fair deal"? My answer: YES! The vehicle is a large investment, a machine you will have for years to come, your pride and joy. Those are all valid reasons making it well worth the price asked, IMO.

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